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Future success, starts today. At Schoolze we empower teachers and parents with Classroom & PTA tools designed to increase student outcomes.
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All-in-one Platform for Productivity
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Schoolze's Tools for K-12 success are designed to measure and enhance classroom & school productivity while increasing family engagement. Future success starts today!
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Tools for school success

Schoolze's K-12 success research-based tools have features for Teachers, Parents, Schools, and PTAs.


Productivity Tools
Calendar, Sign-ups, Shared documents, 2-way & Group Communication,  Scheduling, Memberships (for PTA) and more. Schoolze productivity tools consolidate all teachers & PTA need to enhance productivity.


Research-based tools for family & community engagement  - e.g. Newsletters, Community outreach, Branded website, Private Class & School Albums, Built-in Print Designer and more...


Modern online Fundraising
Tools for generating new funds for your school and PTA. Includes campaigns for donation, item sales, merchandise print and event fundraising.


Analytics Dashboard
A modern way for your school to measure the impact of all that is happening in the school.

Convenient and organized

Schoolze makes it easier than ever before to keep on top everything so you can be your most effective today, for better outcome tomorrow.

For Teachers

Build effective classrooms while saving time and engaging parents

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 For PTAs

Modernize your PTA while building extraordinary family-community engagement and generating funds.

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For Schools

Powerful school success analytics , actionable insights and more. 

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