Great teachers, transforming tomorrow
Future success, starts today. At Schoolze we empower teachers and parents with a suite of tools designed for better student outcomes.
Empathy, Growth mindset and Productivity
Great school culture starts with empathy and growth mindset. Schoolze pairs this with technology so that teacher’s become more productive and students perform better. An easy to use, all-in-one solution that helps schools reach the next level.

Tools for effectiveness

Some of the more challenging tasks become child's play with a suite of tools designed with Schools, Teachers and parents mind.


Private instant messaging ensure safe and convenient communication.


Shared Moments
Synch all photos taken by parents, students or teachers and allow every parent to see every picture. Use them to create Yearbooks in a flash.


Professional Development
With Schoolze University teachers can continue learning new methods and further enhance their teaching skills.



Convenient and organized

Schoolze makes it easier than ever before to keep on top everything so you can be your most effective today, for better outcome tomorrow.

Schoolze was carefully designed based on extensive research to craft a solution proven to work


For Teachers

Save time and energy using a suite of tools that enables better communication with parents, easier organization and professional development, all created with better student outcomes in mind.

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For Schools

Better understand the relationships between parents, teachers and students to encourage mindfulness, empathy and growth mindset. Plus, professional development, class organization and central resources.

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For PTAs

The easiest way to get parents working together with schools to ensure the education environment is optimal for everyone. Be organized, communicate and even raise funds.

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