Distance learning & Engagement for K12
Instruction delivery has gone remote very rapidly and permanently. Use Schoolze's all-in-one remote engagement platform for your schools & districts to engage, measure & inspire.

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Complete Remote Collaboration & Engagement Toolkit for Teachers

Schoolze has one of the most powerful and flexible set of toolsi to enable online engagement for teachers. 12+ features in the classroom workspace allow teachers to manage their class and engage students AND parents from a single app and not juggle with several apps. Now also comes with integration with Google and Zoom. Signup FREE as a Teacher

Schoolze for
K12 Schools & Districts

Remote Engagement & Analytics Dashboard

When students are remote, how do you know how they are feeling? And how are the parents feeling? This is where Schoolze's comprehensive contextual analytics product shines. Adopt an all-in-one, modern approach to student & parent engagement with Schoolze for both local and distance learning environment. Discover mood of the school every day before you start and get insights into many other KSCI (key school climate indicators).
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Engage, Measure, Inspire
Schoolze's products are designed with an educator's productivity & engagement in mind. This allows teachers to deliver the best experience to students. It all starts with an inspired and supported teacher!


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