Schoolze for schools - Part 1 - Productivity & Engagement

Avneesh Kumar
December 14, 2016

Schoolze for schools has been a natural evolution of our classroom product and provided a comprehensive productivity platform for the schools that also assisted schools in communicating with and involving parents.

Our pursuit to make our engagement offering better led us to connect with the research scholars who have done significant work in the field of school-family engagement and we reached out to a renowned author & a professor from a reputed university (sorry not allowed to name here).

It took me some persistence and repeated trying to get a 30-minute meeting, and I am so glad that I persisted. This meeting came out to be transformative and become the basis of how we looked at the problem of parental disengagement. Most significant learning I got from the meeting was that it was not only the parents who were responsible for the disengagement but it was also the schools. In fact, in many cases, schools were more responsible for the problem as the school culture was unwelcoming for parents causing the very disengagement. These findings later became the basis of how we measured parental engagement, and PEI (Parental Engagement Index ®) was born.

Today in addition to productivity and engagement, we are proud to say that we also have a state of the art impact measurement system that provides unique insights to schools and becomes the basis of decision making.

In essence, Schoolze provides features that can primarily be categorized among following categories in a single app -


    • Announcements and 2-way school communication
    • Calendar management (with the ability to share with classrooms)
    • Documents (ability to share per class)
    • Learning links (ability to share per class)
    • School level signups
    • Student schedules.


This is where Schoolze shines, not just because it increases parental engagement, but also because we measure the impact. More about how we measure it is going to be a new post.

School Photos Management and print products:

One core engagement features we have in Schoolze is school photos. Together with classroom albums, Schoolze provides a private and secure group for schools to upload all of their event photos and becomes a unique source of chronologically organized albums all year round. We also have a comprehensive print backend that allows your school to build print products.


Schoolze provides school staff with extensive reports in both dynamic (dashboard) and static (PDF) forms. We also are working with our beta schools to slice the data in ways that it make most sense for them.

In conclusion, we couldn’t be more excited about the future of the school product as we continue on our journey to launch the full beta. we look forward to hearing from you in comments on what you think about it.

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