Schoolze for Schools - Part 2 - Parental Engagement Index

Avneesh Kumar
January 14, 2017

Last month, we blogged about the productivity aspects of Schoolze for schools and as I said, this month we will get a sneak peek into the process that builds up the “engagement index” in the platform.

As we learned about different frameworks and approaches on parental engagement, we discovered that there most available guidance to schools was in the form of frameworks with very little actionable advice and that there was no help available to states or districts on implementation. Most were open to interpreting and adopting the frameworks as they deemed fit. Even though this flexibility sounds great in theory, it mostly leads to inaction on schools part as they just didn’t know what action to talk.

So we build a technology framework by picking the best advice from all available guidance and the PEI (Parental Engagement Index ®) was born.

Here are our main findings that we found common across federal and state parental engagement practices -

  1. Parent Groups (PTA/PTOs or any other parental groups in schools)
  2. 2-Way School-parent communication
  3. Inclusion (Catering to all ethnicity and races, Content in their language)
  4. Focus on Parent to Classroom relationship (P-S)
  5. Fun learning events (Making / STEM / STEAM)
  6. Teacher-driven 1-on-1 parent initiatives (Conferences, Home visits)
  7. Parental Empowerment on policy decisions
  8. Community engagement and support
  9. Quality & Frequency of interaction
  10. Parental Education

It is worth mentioning here that each of above factors is identified to be having a direct impact on student achievement. Schoolze incorporates all of the above in the functional use cases and bakes these concepts in its school and classroom features, that in turn provides the data for measuring the parental engagement index ® and gives schools actionable insights on what they should be doing to make things better.

We think that inclusion of the engagement measurement and actionable insights provides a unique value to schools and helps them in building a more engaged parent culture, leading to higher student outcomes.

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