We on-boarded our first paid school!

Avneesh Kumar
June 12, 2016

Last month marks a great milestone in the startup journey of Schoolze. Today, we on-boarded our first paid school on Schoolze platform.  

Schoolze started as a classroom app last year that provided productivity and engagement features to the classrooms. Earlier this year, we launched first beta of school features, and it was adopted in several PreK-5 schools for a couple of months-long beta trial.

This school version has been in the works for a few months now. It currently provides productivity and engagement features to schools and helps them engage parents by connecting them directly to their kids classes.

Schoolze is a secure, private & mobile-ready platform connecting early childhood & PK-12 schools with parents.

As I wrote in my blog post last month, we are researching the feasibility of building an effective engagement platform that could use technology and measure the impact of positive parental engagement and also provide predictive insights to schools on what they should be doing to build right kind of participation in the schools.

Excited times ahead. Stay tuned

Team Schoolze

Topics: School Productivity Parental Engagement

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