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PTA Communications


Create engaging newsletters for updates, and announcements using our templates. 


Seamless communication: All in one place

Whether it’s a one to one with parents or a group email, Schoolze gives you the tools you need: all in one place. Open a direct line with parents and class groups using our secure messenger and create newsletters with ease.

Better organization

Organize your students and group them by interests for creative ways to communicate on class projects and after class activities. Plus with our parents' conferencing and calendar, you’ll find it easier than ever to schedule one-on-ones.

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Experience 2-way instant messaging within the school or parent group to make communication quicker than ever.

Our inbox tool allows you to speedily connect via web and mobile. Send group messages to parents and others from one platform.

Instant and private messaging between teachers and parents helping everyone keep up-to-date with progress in the classroom.

Simple and Easy Newsletters

We make it super simple to create newsletters. Using our online tool you can add text, images, video and insert call-to-action’s to get parents fully up-to-date with what’s happening in class.

We keep it simple so you can focus on the important things. Plus, auto translation is available in 90 languages. Schoolze gives you full control of how to create and who to send the newsletter to.


Make online announcements for your schools and groups within seconds.

Schoolze lets you interact effectively with your members and parents. Share your message, post an announcement, and connect with your school on a single platform. ​​Schoolze allows you to create quick announcements for your parent group. You can add photos, attach files, record videos, record audio and much more to increase parental engagement.

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