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Free for teachers - Schools & Parent groups have 30 days free trial.

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30 day trial on basic plan

Try Schoolze for 30 days at no risk. We do not take credit card for trial signup. 

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Frequently asked questions

How can Schoolze help?

Schoolze is specifically made to be the ideal digital middle between and for schools and parent groups to facilitate daily schoolar comunity interactions using dozens of functionalities.

What makes schoolze special?

Schoolze is the first web platform to help change and develop scholar system using technology.

Can I have multiple accounts on Schoolze?

Yes! if you are a teacher, parent, school headmaster or parent group member or all of them at onces, Schoolze allows you to create and manage all your account with simple clicks.

I'm a parent, and I want to join Classroom / PTA group?

As easy as ABC, Get an invitation code/access link from your PTA admin or your child's classroom teacher, Past code / click the link, enter your personnal information and Yup, you account is here.