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Upload, save, and access all your school files, photos, and documents online.


Storing and organizing documents for school or any other group is now easy and can be done from any corner in the world.

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Online document storage

Our digital document keeper will enhance the way you store files, links, documents, and photos on your system.

This virtual storage can be accessed by board members, parents, teachers, and other signed up members. 

Keep your files organize

Our online storage tool helps you to segregate your photo albums, important links, documents and more into different categories so that parents and teachers can easily access them and stay updated.

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Keep your documents safe at one place

Schoolze offers immense safety by keeping all your documents and data safely on your account. You can store links, documents, files, albums, and more online. You can also limit the access to certain members of the group.

Know more about your group


School & Parent Group

Scout Troop

Parent Teacher Club

Educational Institute

Ready to get started?

Start your 14-day free trial and store your documents safely!

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