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Schooze for Educational Institutes
The Ultimate Parent Engagement Platform For Educational Institutes

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Schoolze lets you effectively communicate, host fundraisers, make announcements, track members, and more.

If you are an academy, a coaching class, or any educational institute, we know your struggles. When you switch to an integrated platform like Schoolze, you can focus on doing what you do best. 

Let Schoolze manage your
Parent group 

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Encourage Parental Engagement

Keep parents informed, connected, and engaged with your student’s performance. All parents can keep a track of their child’s academic calendar and participate in events by academies. Newsletters and announcements can keep parents updated on the activities of the institute. 

Sell On Online Store

As a successful education institute, you would want your students to buy your merchandise and stay connected with your academy’s brand.


You can sell books, academic supplies, t-shirts, and more online with Schoolze. Parents can buy it for their kids or for themselves in order to stay updated with the latest. 

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Organize Donations And Fundraisers

With Schoolze it is absolutely easy as you can create and run these campaigns online. 


Donations and fundraisers are critical to the success of any educational institution. However, they can be pretty cumbersome to host and organize. 

Online Storage

Shoolze lets you upload photos, links, and documents at one platform so members can refer to it on-the-go. With the mobile application, you can access these files from any corner of the world. 


Creating online website can be complicated, not with Schoolze.


Finding it difficult to engage with parents and announce events?

Sign up

Make signing up easy and attract more volunteers for your events.


Engage in real-time messaging to keep parents engaged.

Schoolze has all the tools and resources needed to make engagement fun for your parent group. 

Ready to get started?

Sign up and start using our tools now!

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