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Start online fundraisers for school, PTA, PTO or parent group by creating donation campaigns, item sales, and more. Use the web or app to raise money for your cause within minutes.

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Select from different types of fundraisers

Schoolze allows you to host a fundraiser within minutes. We can help you raise hundreds of dollars for your cause. Get creative with our range of fundraisers for your school.

Fundraisers lead to direct parental involvement in schools and other groups. When parents engage financially they tend to be more interested or invested in your school events. 

Fundraising platform for your parent group

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Quick & easy fundraisers

With Schoolze it is absolutely easy as you can create and run fundraisers online. As a donator, get your checkout done in few simple and easy steps. 

Know more about your group


School & Parent Group

Scout Troop

Parent Teacher Club

Educational Institute

Ready to get started?

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