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Upgrade School
Fundraising with the Latest Innovation in PTA Software

Unleash Your School's Fundraising Potential with Schoolze’s PTA Software

Empower Your School's Fundraising Future Today!

Effective School Fundraising

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As the school year nears its end, end-of-year fundraising initiatives become crucial for schools to finance programs, resources, and activities for the next year.

With built-in tools to promote and manage fundraisers, Schoolze empowers schools to maximize their end-of-year fundraising outcomes. On this page, we’ll explore how Schoolze can set up your school for fundraising success this season and beyond.

What can You do?

Your Fundraising Power-Up

Tired of bake sales and box tops?
Easily customize, launch, and watch the donations roll in through optimized systems that work. Streamline fundraising with online donations and events.

Diversify Volunteer Pool

Stop struggling with papers & spreadsheets. Easily request volunteers, send reminders, manage signups, and more through their simplified interface. Get free trial even to test drive the software with zero risk.

Website with Built-In Online Store

A customized website to your reach far beyond fundraising. Sell spirit wear, event tickets, and more right from your website! Schoolze makes it easy to set up and manage an online store integrated with your fundraising.

Power up Your Fundraising with
Schoolze's PTA Software 

Unlocking the Potential of
PTA Software for Schools

Schools, PTOs, and PTAs across the country are on a mission to build engaged parent communities, offer memberships, and run highly successful online fundraisers. In this endeavor, Schoolze emerges as the ultimate ally.

With Schoolze's innovative PTA software, schools can elevate their fundraising efforts, strengthen connections with parents, and ensure financial stability. It's a powerful tool for the modern school, making engagement, fundraising, and community building seamless and effective.

Enhance Family Engagement Effortlessly

Experience Rapid School Community Engagement with Schoolze's PTA Software: Quick and Efficient Online Communication.Utilize our lightning-fast communication features to effortlessly share updates, deliver vital announcements, and engage seamlessly with parents and members - all within a single, user-friendly platform.

Unleash the potential of Schoolze's lightning-fast communication capabilities.

Integrate with your school with top rated tools in a few clicks

  • What are the available payment options to upgrade?
    You can use your credit card or pay directly via bank account. You can find these options in your account under Settings > Billings. Contact us for more information.
  • I am a member. How can I pay my membership dues?
    You can use your credit card or pay directly via bank account. Contact us for more information.
  • Can I have multiple accounts on Schoolze?
    Yes! if you are a teacher, parent, school headmaster or parent group member or all of them at onces, Schoolze allows you to create and manage all your account with simple clicks.
  • I'm a parent, and I want to join the PTA group?
    As easy as ABC, Get an invitation code/access link from your PTA admin. Past code / click the link, enter your personal information and your account is here.
  • We want to downgrade our subscription plan. How can we do it?
  • Is there a limit on raising money based on the plan we choose?
    No there is no limit to raise money on any plan. However, the platform fee on credit card transactions varies from 5% in Basic, 3% in Standard, 2% in Professional to 1-2% in Enterprise plan.
  • Do you offer any discounts for charities or non-profit organizations?
    As of now, we do not offer any special prices for charities or NPOs. However, you can leave an inquiry with us and we will contact you if we have any such offerings in future.

Optimizing your school's fundraising efforts is crucial to ensure the success of educational programs, resources, and activities. Schoolze's fundraising software simplifies the process, enabling schools and parent organizations to engage with their communities, streamline event management, and maximize their fundraising outcomes. By fully optimizing your fundraising efforts, you can secure a brighter financial future for your school and its students.

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