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Creating membership increases engagement within the school and parent community.


Set up a quick membership sign up for parents to join and engage directly with the school or your organization.

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Invite members to join your group

You can simply invite parents to sign up as members by paying a membership fee and your database keeps building itself. This makes it incredibly easy for you to manage your group.

Manage memberships with ease

Memberships are the easiest way to track and record your parent group. You can also take the member details wherever you go with our on-the-go mobile application.

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Go digital & ditch the paperwork

Let go of ancient ways of keeping member directories in schools and organizations. Once you have the complete directory ready, you can make announcements, sell merchandise, publish newsletters, and much more for your members. 

Know more about your group


School & Parent Group

Scout Troop

Parent Teacher Club

Educational Institute

Ready to get started?

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