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7 Ways Schoolze can help you improve your school’s public image

As the landscape of education continues to evolve, schools are increasingly recognizing the importance of fostering strong partnerships with parents to enhance student success. With the advent of innovative school management platforms like Schoolze, schools now have a powerful toolkit at their disposal to build engaged parent communities and create a collaborative environment for their students.

So here are the 7 ways Schoolze can help you improve your school’s public image:

1. Announcements

Official school announcements provide a seamless way for schools and parents to stay in touch. Schools can create newsletters, send messages to parents, or publish information about school events and achievements. This makes sure that communication within the school or parent group becomes quicker than ever. When parents have efficient and convenient communication they tend to feel more positive and confident about their selection of school.

Announcements with other communication tools, facilitate timely updates, feedback by parents which can help improve parent engagement and satisfaction. For example, if your school is focused on informing parents about upcoming events, important dates, and having them engage in the activities makes the school seem very positively inclusive.

2. E-commerce Storefront

The "Online Store" feature allows schools, PTA, and PTOs to easily set up and launch an online store within minutes. With this feature, you can quickly add products to sell to your members or start fundraising for your organization. Once you've added your products, your members can start making purchases right away.

This feature is particularly useful for schools, PTAs, and PTOs that want to offer their members an easy and convenient way to purchase items or support fundraising efforts without the hassle of traditional methods. With an online store, you can reach a wider audience, simplify the buying process, and make school shopping easy for all parents.

3. Create engaging newsletters

Making online newsletters has never been easier. Newsletters are a great way to keep your audience engaged and updated. As a school, when you send out regular newsletters you are ensuring your parents get a snippet of everything that they might have missed at the school. Schoolze lets you translate newsletters in 90 different languages.

This enhances inclusivity and diversity for your school. You can ensure that your newsletters are accessible to everyone, regardless of their language or location. This is a great way to be loved by all students and parents who would not have been able to understand your newsletter otherwise.

4. Event Sign Ups

Most parents would like to directly participate in their child's school’s events. Event Sign Ups is a feature that allows organizers to request volunteers and support for their events. You can request parents, teachers, staff, and students to sign up online to volunteer at school events. This helps to increase participation and ensure that the event runs smoothly. If parents are only called at the events as spectators, they might not feel so engaged throughout.

It is crucial for schools to ensure engagement from all fronts. If parents feel included, they tend to understand their child’s school education better. This in turn leads to a satisfied parent community for your school.

5. Branded Website feature

Having a school website helps you establish an online presence for your parent community and other groups as well. With Schoolze website builder, you can easily create an online hub that reflects your school's values, mission, and brand identity. Our website builder for schools is designed to be user-friendly and flexible, making it easy for anyone to customize their website with just a few clicks.

Your school’s website is the face of the school to the outside world. Having a maintained and active website may help your school establish more authenticity. Plus websites allow you to create an event calendar, add a news section, or integrate social media feeds, and more.

6. Fundraisers & Donations

Fundraising or donating for a cause is always a noble event to participate in. As a school, you should ask your school community to mobilize and join hands for such events. This feature offered by our platform is a valuable tool for schools, PTAs, PTOs, and parent groups. It enables these organizations to easily and efficiently raise funds for their various activities, projects, and initiatives.

With the involvement of all your schools and parent organizations can raise more money, more quickly, and with less effort than ever before. Adopting a cause and always working towards it makes the parents feel more positively about the school. They would want their children to be associated with such institutes that work for a greater cause.

7. Memberships

Memberships allow you to create a sense of belonging and inclusiveness within your school or organization by giving parents and members a way to engage directly. By setting up a quick and easy membership sign-up process, you can encourage greater participation and involvement, leading to increased engagement and stronger relationships between members.

This feature can be especially valuable for schools, clubs, and other organizations that rely on the support and involvement of their members to thrive. With Memberships, you can build a stronger community and foster a sense of shared purpose and commitment among your members.


Schoolze is a game-changer for schools seeking to enhance their public image in innovative ways. Our platform boasts cutting-edge features that enable you to communicate more effectively, plan events more efficiently, manage volunteers more seamlessly, and track student performance more accurately. By leveraging these tools, you can demonstrate your school's unwavering dedication to providing top-tier education and fostering a vibrant community. So why settle for mediocrity when you can elevate your school to greatness with Schoolze? Invest in our platform today and witness the transformation firsthand.

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